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Act 2 Players

This is our nomad crew!

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Our Story

The reeeeally short version

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Princess and I met through a Michael Jackson fan page in 2009. We were only looking for like-minded people to share our grief over the loss of him. We were both busy finishing our doctoral studies, had no time for relationships, and we were 3000 miles apart. But there was something magic there. We didn't know, with any certainty, the other's gender, age, race, nor did we need to know.  Agreeing not to exchange that kind of information or pictures, we let our souls just talk to each other. Turns out, we were each other's sun and moon, perfect opposites. - and pretty damn good-looking, too! Ten months after we met we were finally together and have been ever since. 


Between us, we have five children - four angels in Heaven and a beautiful daughter in Washington State. 

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