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Storing your Pre-Rolls: Review (ns)

Where do you store your pre-rolls to keep them safe and ready? Princess has chosen these hand-made, laser-engraved works of art from Leaf to hold hers. And she’s very happy to show them off! They’re called Joint Transportation Units or JTUs, and this is not a sponsored review.


Here is what she loves about them:


  1. The quality. These are made of solid beech wood (no pieces put together) with separate spaces inside to keep up to 5 of your joints safe and sound. It holds small joints, cigarette-sized, blunts, and cones. As an added bonus, they have a strong (hidden) magnetic closure, so the tips of your joints won’t get crushed (which is what happened with a cheaper, plastic version). Princess is one of those beloved among us who drops stuff, frequently, and these boxes have taken the fall a bunch of times already. Never once have they popped open spilling her joints, and so far there hasn’t been any damage to the boxes either.

  2. The beauty and customization. These boxes have a beautiful finish and are engraved with precision. The artwork is so engaging to look at, I’ve caught Princess stoned and just staring at them for more than a minute, lol. Because they are hand-made and individualized upon purchase, the designer can include your name, a favorite word or phrase, or even a message for someone (they make excellent gifts). They are individually sold, but Princess bought 3 and had hers customized to indicate Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid (again, see pics, and pay attention to the creative art on the front and back).

  3. The service. Last but not least, the service of Leaf was excellent. They are professional, quick to respond, and they provide fast delivery with tracking (even shipping to the U.S. from Germany). Each box was individually wrapped and came inside of a protective drawstring bag. We will definitely keep Leaf on our radar for cannabis accessory items!


If you use cannabis for medicinal purposes, you very likely find yourself with an urgent need to consume. That means you don’t have time to sit down and roll one or even pack your bong, pipe, or vaping device. So what do you do? Prepare ahead of time for those kinds of emergencies by packing a JTU with up to five of them. And if you’re a caregiver, well, I can’t tell you how much this helps me to help her. I can quickly and easily grab what it is that she needs, then sit back and watch the “feel better” happen.



If you’re interested, check out Simon’s craftsmanship at his Leaf store on Etsy at:

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