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Cannabis Tourism

Our Experiences with Local Cannabis Culture

cannabis leaf tincture

It was the year of our Lord 2021 when we fully discovered His gift of cannabis to all of His children. Frankly, we were never opposed to it, just not well-educated. (Gen Xers were taught a bunch of "Just Say No" bullshit, and I deeply resent that brainwashing because I spent way too many years drinking and not nearly enough smoking pot.) When Princess became sick and when conventional medicinal treatments weren't working as well as we had hoped, yeah, we explored alternatives. Though she still struggles, there has been significant improvement in her quality of life with the introduction of this amazing weed! And as with most things that she takes an interest in, she has become quite the connoisseur. In fact, she's making plans to become a certified ganjier, so look out. So why do I smoke, too? Significant mood improvement, dude. Here, we'll share our knowledge of, reviews, and experiences with local cannabis culture wherever we go. Scroll down for some starters.

If you're just interested in learning a little more about cannabis, here are some helpful sites. Beware of asking for information from the government. They have their "facts" wrong and an agenda that just isn't in your best interest.

Weed Maps 


High Times 

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 Sacramento, CA

4_22_23 03.jpg

Check out our recent blog post about our first experience at a Consumption Lounge at DeltaBoyz in Isleton, CA. Warm, welcoming, and just all-out charming.

The people, products, specials, and service at Connected Sacramento are amazing. They are our go-to shop, and they seem to have a special place in their hearts and their business model for medical patients.

 Las Vegas, NV

Jardin in Vegas.jpg

Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary was a LIFESAVER for us in Vegas - 'sall I'm gonna say.

The establishment is gorgeous. Even if you don't smoke, it's worth a visit just to see how

beautiful their shop is - inside and out.

Maybe en route to San Diego, we will hit up this legendary dispensary, Planet 13 in Orange County, CA. We hear they have one in Vegas now, too. Reviews to come! :D

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