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Stop & Chill Spots

Where we are, where we've been, and where we plan to go!

Don't get too excited. We're not traveling the world here - at least not yet. Princess has already done a lot of that in her youth anyway. We aren't digital nomading to find fast action - bungee jumping, scuba diving, riding camels, and the like. We're in our 50's after all and one of us has a chronic illness. We're doing this because we're tired of looking at the same backyard, tired of the same old everyday chores, and because every time we go on a vacation we wish we could stay longer. So that's what we're doing - staying longer, making our vacation spots our home. For now, we'll be sticking to the West Coast for the more obvious reasons (sunshine, weed, et. al.). After that, who knows? Remember, we're kicking this off in May of 2024, so still lots of planning to do, but here are some definite first stops, aka vacay repeats. We hope you'll check back later to join in the conversation and help us choose among other destinations.

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