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50th Birthday in Vegas

It’s hard to write a short blog entry about a trip to Las Vegas, but I’m going to try. I’ll even throw in some SFW pictures!

Day 1: The Space Ship. Flying first class matters if you have a disability, a scooter, and expectations that after age 50 people should be serving you instead of the other way around, so that’s the way we do it. Our flight attendant hooked us up with drinks and promised to follow our blog - thank you, Tanya! After landing, a cute taxi driver, Lucas, escorted us to one of the 24-hour cannabis dispensaries, waited, and then brought us to the Luxor where we had a free night available. Beautiful place, impressive suites, little bit like a spaceship though with those weird 35 degree angled windows. It was getting late and frankly I was too cranky to marvel at it. Let’s skip to the good part.

Day 2: ETA Unknown. Moving from the Luxor to our planned stay at the Bellagio left us a little worse for wear because MY ass thought I knew what was best. “Oh, let’s just go this way first and get a little bite to eat…” H o u r s later we had replaced my broken sunglasses, bought some weird bedazzled orthopedic shoes, sexually harassed a couple half-naked cowboys, and then made our grand entrance at our destination where we half-partied the rest of the night. Now the even good-er part!

Day 3: Bruno Mars, baby!!! He was fantastic, of course, but I think we had the most fun just meeting all the awesome people sitting in our section - floor, 2nd row, close enough to see him sweat ;) The ushers remembered us from our last visit there to see Silk Sonic and the head of security, Jackie, gave Princess a birthday card signed by everyone. I’m sure the after-party was great, but we disappeared into the night until, somehow, Park MGM beckoned us to come back. Not even our hotel this time. This is where the fine line between Day 3 and Day 4 got blurry and hilarious. Enough said.

Day 4: Our Groove. The casino floor, Princess winning, late night dancing - swimming pools and movie stars, lol. Me, getting sleepy and cranky again, and Princess sending me to bed without hookers. The decision made that we don’t wanna go home. But…

Day 5: We’ll Be Back. And it’s in THIS MOMENT on THIS DAY we realized with certainty why we need this digital nomad life. We were already home - with each other, living our best life. It’s sad to pack up and leave when all you really need is a nap. Flying back to Sacramento didn’t seem at all appealing. In fact, it seemed downright dreadful. But these are practice runs and we need these short excursions to keep us focused on the goal.

This was our second time in Vegas since Princess got sick and the first time since she started using cannabis medicinally. There was a marked difference! Sure, Vegas has its own energy force and it seems evenly distributed among all of its players, but if you’re chronically ill, it’s asking a lot from you. The lights, the sounds, and the shenanigans are pretty damn constant so that even able-bodies can be quickly worn down. If you check out the pictures, you can see exhaustion and pain behind that beautiful smile of hers. But she is smiling. Happy Birthday, Princess. You make 50 beautiful in every way!


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Jun 05, 2023 Love, you ALWAYS get sent to bed without hookers (AHEM, sex workers, I told you!) - and they are PLATFORM SHOES, NOT orthopedic shoes being sold on the LV strip! 😅😂😆🤣😂

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