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Act 1 Bullshit Keeps Creeping In

We worked hard to put Act 1 to rest, but I’ve gotta be honest. It keeps creeping in on us. At least once a day we have to remind each other, “That’s some Act 1 thinking. Let that shit go.”

Here’s an example: I recently invited a bunch of old friends to our Instagram page. Immediately after, I felt that twinge of regret, a little bit of embarrassment. Act 1 Talk started in on me, “Who do you think you are, you little show-off!?”

I even started thinking about how I could maybe monetize this adventure and wasted about a good week on that. That’s my old Act 1 work-aholic self. Princess saw I wasn’t having fun anymore and reminded me, “We’re not doing this for money. [Again] Let. That. Shit. Go.”

And damn all of those what-ifs. I won’t even give them any shout-outs here. They’re not worth it.

Our Act 2 rules include things like don’t over-apologize, don’t over-explain, and don’t overthink. Do whatever we want until it’s not fun anymore. Prioritize ourselves for a change. So we are putting more effort into all that, but it’s a process. Essentially, we’re having to re-train our brains so we can function like new beings - beings who gave all their fucks away in Act 1 and now we’re fresh out of ‘em.

We made a decision, we have a good rationale, we have the resources, and we have a go-date. So we’re going for it. And if shit goes awry, we’ll let you know, lol.


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