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Everything Must Go!!!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Between now and May 15, 2024 (our GO! date), we are cleaning house. Combined, we have 50+ years of stuff that needs to find a new home or a near-by trash or recycle can. While I build our blog, my wife has taken on the role of de-stuffing our lives. She's busy on Mercari selling off designer clothes, shoes, handbags, home decor, etc. (including her own fashion designs, Grahm-Paris, by the way). For this next year, she has declared what she calls The BET Rule -- i.e., nothing comes into our home unless it can be Burned, Eaten, or Taken with us on the road. So even though we desperately need a new couch after years of Covid-sitting on it, we are going to withhold making that unnecessary purchase. The sun is finally out in California, after a record-breaking rainy season, so we'll be kicking back on lawn chairs anyway. More to come....


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