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No F*cks to Give

I bet you're wondering how the Adventures of Maestro and Princess got started. Right? Several years of lock-down due to Covid, complicated further by Princess' diagnosis, gave us plenty of time and quiet space to . . . reflect. Truth be told, we almost broke up. Twice. But each time it came up, we grabbed one another's hands and just said, "Nope, this is not the answer." The question was about how we were living our life and how we expected to live it moving forward.

About a year ago, Princess mentioned in passing that we should live a "vagabond life." I laughed and vetoed that. But then one day I was taking a walk with the dog around our beautiful, family-oriented neighborhood, passing the park where children were playing, and it dawned on me that we don't belong here. No young children anymore, no grandkids in the near future. No immediate family nearby. And our house is too big, and we're sick of chores. Sick of the the dumb everyday dishes and laundry, what to cook for dinner, what to watch on TV. And all for what? To get up and do it again tomorrow? F*ck that. Why should we give a f*ck at all about maintaining this idea of home? Why did it feel forbidden to live any other way than this? Princess saw me coming around to her idea and then gave me this to read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

Do I need to say that we highly recommend it? No matter where you are in life or what problems you may face, this book can help you think about things in a different light. It helped us to re-consider and prioritize what it is that we value, especially now as we're getting older. It helped us realize that it is OK not to have a homebase. That we are each other's home. To say we no longer value the careers that didn't value us back. That we'll now do the work that works for us. As Mark Manson says, "In life, we have a limited amounts of fucks to give. So you must choose your fucks wisely."


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