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Vibrators & Donuts: Night Shift

In true “opposites attract” fashion, I am an early-bird and Princess is a night-owl. You might have expected otherwise; I know I did. When we first met, she asked if I had any tattoos. I did not. Her? Well, of course she did. Something like 8 of ‘em. I favored country music, pop, or big-band, while she knew all the lyrics to every hip-hop song and the whole back story of Death Row Records. So don’t be fooled by her Princess-ish-ness, she’s a straight up gangsta. (I mean, she’s a Gemini, and if you know any Geminis you know what I mean. Two sides, baby.) So getting her party on from sundown to sunrise has always been her jam. Mind you, that “party” has been everything from traversing the streets of Paris under the stars and getting lost in the Amazon (the actual Amazon, not the retail store) to pulling all-nighters in grad school and taking care of babies.

Prior to her illness, I once woke up in the middle of the night and found her in the kitchen in her underwear, all the lights on, with a butternut squash and a butcher knife, dancing and rapping to Ludacris. (Y’all saw that Dre video on the other blog post, right?) Hashtag that’s what happy and healthy looks like. Since she’s been sick, I haven’t seen much of the late-night “best self.”

But there was evidence this morning she’s still in there.

Last week she begged me to buy her a board (“I really need one of those writing boards, you know, like Frankie’s vibrators and donuts board!”) because making lists everywhere, all the time, but especially at night, is how she makes sense of things. Hashtag ADHD brain. She currently has SIX (6) journals (as she calls them) solely dedicated to preparing for our pre-retirement, nomad life, but she needed to GO LARGE with her thought process. I get that. And even though we’re supposed to be getting RID of things, ahem, I gave in because I knew she’d make damn good use of it.

So check out what I woke up and found this morning!

There’s a lot to unpack here, but I’ll keep it short. One, these pics are evidence that her financial planning for us is really taking shape. Two, it’s not surprising that the first items in her “Everything’s Gotta Go” pile are MY books - pfft, she’s enjoying this too much. Three, she has a “Night Shift” agenda! You work it, Girl!

My favorite bulleted item is “X Check To-Do Lists,” LOL. Told ya. ADHD brain.

Now here I sit working the “Morning Shift” - w r i t i n g a b l o g - and I want to lie and tell you I have all these big plans for myself today, but honestly I’m a little high and I just keep coming back to vibrators and donuts, so…


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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

I’m a Gemini so I know the vibe!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!

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