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As a heads up, Princess is a master reviewer. While I'm the kind of person who has a bad experience with an establishment and just never goes back, SHE is the one who will let them know about themselves. And if she has a great experience or purchased a great product, she'll give you all the details about that, as well. She wants to make sure that every second of her time and every dime of her money is put to good use. I, on the other hand, have given her $5.00 out of my pocket so we didn't have to drive back home to get the coupon she left on the kitchen counter. Now, as I'm sure she's reading and reviewing this post for quality and truth, she'll insist that I add this: I, Maestro, like to complain. That's a little bit true *cough* but I wouldn't say I like to complain. I mean, who does? Right? We like plans to go well, food to taste good, service to be congenial, atmosphere to be warm, etc. That's just my inner-Taurus talking ;) Seriously though, these reviews are going to be all hers!

Click on the images below for all the deets. We'll be linking these to specific cities we are in, too!

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